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Crowns & Bridges

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The American Dental Association reports that many adults between 20 and 60 years old have decayed or missing teeth. If you’re one of them and would like help, don’t hesitate to click or call for a one-on-one appointment with the amazing professionals at AB Reston Family Dental, in Reston, Virginia. Preet Bajwa, DDS is right around the corner with the care you need.

Crowns & Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is an option for replacing decayed or missing teeth. There are a few types, but the most popular is the traditional dental bridge, which consists of fake teeth that are cemented into your missing teeth (these are called pontics).

These dental bridges are either made of gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials.

What are some other dental bridge options?

Other less common bridge options include cantilever bridges. These are similar to traditional bridges, but the pontic is supported by an abutment on only one side of the gum.

Maryland bridges can be used to replace front teeth. The procedure involves using a porcelain tooth framework with metal wings that are bonded to the backs of two adjacent teeth.

Implant-supported bridges are one more option Dr. Bajwa has for replacing missing teeth. These are used when more than one tooth is missing. Instead of using the anchoring power of crowns, implant-supported bridges are supported by dental implants.

When is a crown recommended?

A crown is typically used to cover and strengthen a damaged tooth or to replace a tooth that has had an implant inserted. Dr. Bajwa may also recommend a crown when:

  • There isn’t enough of a tooth left to replace a broken filling
  • A weak tooth needs protection
  • A tooth needs a cover after a root canal or an implant
  • A tooth is misshapen or discolored

What are crowns made out of?

Crowns are commonly made of metals like gold, palladium, nickel or chromium, since metal crowns last a long time, require only a small amount of the tooth to be removed, and rarely chip or break.

Dr. Bajwa also uses porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns when the situation calls for it. These crowns have certain advantages, like natural tooth color, but are also more likely to chip.

All-resin dental crowns are the least-expensive option Dr. Bajwa offers, but they’re not as strong or long-lasting.

Regardless of which option you choose, don’t let missing or decayed teeth hurt your smile and self-esteem: Call or click today to get a one-on-one appointment with Dr. Bajwa.